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Each poultry application has its own specific needs. Make sure your poultry equipment has at least a great set of high quality lighting fixtures. A correct light climate ensures animal welfare and a minimum unnecessary expenses. Also, switching to LED lighting will save you a lot of money on the electricity bill and installation costs. LED is very sustainable and lasts for many years! Poultry lighting is the main external stimulus for the birds.
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Ensuring optimal use of the offered environment is essential for productive broiler production. Guarantee that the broilers find feed and water in the first 24 / 48 hours is key to ensure animal welfare. Light is the main external stimulus that can help broilers get used to their new environment.

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Laying hen

Health, egg weight and -quality, laying rate and even feed conversion and feed intake are all affected by the light climate. Don’t let a wrong light spectrum or -distribution affect the flock and cause financial problems. Control their biological clock; the biorhythm of the chicken with LED lighting.

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Poultry lighting is the main tool for managing the poultry rearing process. It is crucial to create the very best conditions in the poultry house. Just like broilers, it is very important that during this rearing period the chickens quickly adapt to their new environment. Having the right poultry equipment, especially the lights, is essential for poultry management.

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For broiler- and layer breeders it is essential to sustain an optimal light climate. A light spectrum close to that of natural daylight would be most optimal taking into account poultry vision. A light source capable of fluctuations in colour temperature – much like the sun – would be a great solution.

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Poultry lighting

Please be aware: correct poultry lighting must meet a number of aspects
Light is the main external stimulus for poultry

Poultry lighting is mostly often overlooked during poultry management. Light used in chicken houses has to be resistant to harsh environments. Chicken lighting has to be IP67 at least, which makes it easy to clean with high pressure. In addition, it is of utmost importance that the lighting fixture is flicker-free. Poultry lighting that isn't flicker-free risks to stress to the birds Mountain View

  • A correct distribution ensures the birds to spread out evenly. This prevents unwanted wet litter and health problems.

  • The birds eye is way more sensitive than humans. Are you 100% sure that your lights are flicker-free?

  • Smooth dimming all the way to 0% is essential. Being able to gradually dim 0 - 100% ensures animal welfare.

  • A light source capable of fluctuations in colour temperature, much like the sun, is a very suitable solution to simulate natural daylight and enhance animal welfare.

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